Filtration, iron and manganese removal

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Filtration, iron and manganese removal

Filtration is one of the basic operations in water treatment systems. It can be applied in any part of treatment process, when filtering raw water, but also for filtering the water in recirculation.


  • Potable water treatment
  • Pretreatment for softening and reverse osmosis systems
  • Water supply in breweries and food industry
  • Recirculation of process water

Sand filters - used for removing suspended and colloidal particles from raw water supply.

Multimedia filters - used for removal of a number of different substances when present in small concentrations, within the same unit. Beside suspended matter and colloidal particles, multi-layer filters efficiently remove iron, manganese etc. There are many available filter media to be used for this purpose and most often are:

  • Quartz sand in several different grain sizes
  • Hydro anthracite or activated carbon
  • The combination of several types of filter media

Deironing - Unit for removing iron is a filter which is filled with catalyst media that converts dissolved iron into a form of precipitated ferrous hydroxide. The media must be properly backwashed to break loose and remove the filtered contaminants and precipitated iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide. The addition of an oxidant regenerates the media surface and replenishes the filter media. There are two methods of oxidation:

  • Continuous regeneration
  • Intermittent regeneration

Our offer includes:

  • Automatic filters designed for the toughest industrial conditions
  • All models are available in single, duplex, triplex and quadruplex configuration
  • Our engineers will assist you in selecting the proper configuration and integration of selected unit into your water treatment system
  • Our service team can provide assembly, startup and commissioning on the site

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